My name is zach.

22 year-old guy in philadelphia. i book shows. i play w my cat. i drink. i really really like bars.

watch anime and listen to tennis w me

follow me on twitter/insta fools ~ @yungmedium

FC: 4742-5899-9449 ~ Pokemon Y

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this is definitely what im gonna look like when im old haha

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“when i was in college, i wanted to be your cigarette. i wanted you to peck and bite and toy with me. i guess that’s silly.”

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Please, run away… Don’t make me a killer.

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when someone breaks a mutual do u think its better to unfollow them also or just stay and be heartbroken 

crush their skull with one hand

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Part 2 (click for full resolution)  Art by  尤石馬 

Permission to reprint was granted by the artist. Do not use or reupload anywhere without permission. 

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