My name is zach.

22 year-old guy in philadelphia. i book shows. i play w my cat. i drink. i really really like bars.

watch anime and listen to tennis w me

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“I know you exist despised by all worthy beings.” Festus blinks his blue cow eyes at me. “That every sentient creature considers you beneath respect. That in your present state you are more vile than—”

“Shut up!” I interrupt, lying rigid on the bed’s coverlet. My chest is heaving. My temper seething. I’d rather spend infinity snacking on putrid poo than be talked down to by some self-righteous angel. Possible boyfriend or not, I’m leaving. I stand. I straighten my glasses. I smooth my skort. “If you’ll excuse me,” I say. I’m sure I’m supposed to be fornicating with some diseased corrupt gargoyle or something right now.”

Excerpt From: Chuck Palahniuk. “Doomed.”

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#tbt my baby photo

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愛さなければ寂しさなんて知らずにすぎて行くのに… 先日アニメ『タッチ』をみていて南ちゃんのあまりの小悪魔ぶりにキレました。


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snake aRE CUTE.

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"This the pinnacle of human emotions. Warmer than hope. Deeper than despair. It is love."- Akemi Homura

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金木 研 | 竜井


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